About us


The company was established in 1999 and the majority of the shares is owned by a danish company „Copenhagen Merchants” that joined with the previous owners Bunge and Svane Shipping in 2009. The company employs 19 workers. Our partners are local companies, as well as companies in the Baltics, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and Denmark.

Dan Store Par mums Pakalpojumi Services Услуги

Dan Store Latvia terminal is an important outlet not only for agricultural exports, but also for imports of feedstuffs. We provide our customers with flexible logistic solutions by using direct rail access, modern infrastructure and equipment, operated by dedicated professionals.

As from 2012 Dan Store terminal holds GTP (Good Trading Practice) certificate.



"Svane Shipping" begins leasing and operating terminal for the import and export acitivities.


"Svane Shipping" and "Scanmills" establish a joint venture "Dan Store Latvia".

"Dan Store Latvia" builds a flat storage facility with 2 rail lines and 1 berth. The new facility is capable of storing 8 000 tons of soybean meal or 10 000tons of grain with 1 500 ton a day load and discharge capacity.


"Bunge" partners with "Svane Shipping" and "Scanmills" with purchase 70 % of "Dan Store Latvia".

Plans for facility expansion are drawn.


Construction is started on the new "Dan Store Latvia".


Construction of the new terminal is completed and the joint venture "Bunge", "Svane Shipping" and "Scanmills" starts work .


„COPENHAGEN MERCHANTS” partners with "Bunge" and "Svane Shipping" with purchase the majority of "Dan Store Latvia".

A modern and fully equipped laboratory is established.


After 6 month of intensive work construction of a flat warehouse is completed in October providing additional storage capacity of aproximately 30 000.

In cooperation with Liepajas osta LM a new railway access road is built in autumn that serves the new warehouse and allows to double the volume of handled railcars per day.

An intensive work is carried on at the berth where a construction of gallery and reconstruction of rails is taking place in order to be ready for the new ships’ loading equipment installed in spring 2012.


Dan Store Par mums Pakalpojumi Services Услуги